Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waking up to the scent of citrus

There are certain scents that give you that good old feeling. I particularly love citrus scents as I am allergic to strong flowery scents found in perfumes and candles.  

 In the morning, I use a product from Origins, called "Gloom Away." Funny how the fresh citrus scent of grapefruit can take the gloom away from a hazy morning. I use the scrub and love how it makes my skin feel.  

I also love using the Origins shampoo, "Clear Head" that is fresh and minty.  Perfect for clearing your sinuses in a hot shower. This super large bottle lasts for a year. If you sign up on the Origins website, they will send you a birthday coupon that I look forward to using every year.   (note:These products can be purchased at or in a local Origins store.)

Other scents that are pleasing to me are the scent of a sweet baby, Johnson's baby powder and lotion, the scent of baked bread,  and fresh baked cookies.  

Feel free to comment on the scents that are pleasing to you?


  1. Vanilla, definitely vanilla.

  2. I love grapefruit, too! I got a grapefruit scented lipglosss from Victoria's Secret in my stocking that I absolutely love!

  3. I love a lot of scents. Buttercream,vanilla,vanilla walnut,rose,lavander and lots more.

  4. Since others have left comments on common scents I will go for the odd ones I like. Vicks Vapour Rub...reminds me of my childhood as does rubbing alcohol. On the sweeter side is the scent of honeysuckle and lilacs.