Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life's Journey

Along my life's journey I was detoured.  In March, the elementary school that I worked for  in the past needed my help.  I dropped everything that I was doing to help.  The principal of the school told me that "I  was "intriguing" as I am so open to giving."  After hearing that, I realized that it wasn't a detour, but a path that needed to be taken.   I am here to help people, in life.  I do not look for anything in return.  I just hope that the people that I touch, appreciate the concept of unconditional help towards others.   

I am a third of the way in reaching my blog following goal.  When this blog hits 100 followers, one lucky follower will win a $25.00 american express gift card.  I hope that you will help me, by referring your friends.   

check out freebielovers at  click on the link above to hop over to that blog.  Maybe you'll start getting some freebies in your daily mail too.  

oh, and if you're from vocalpoint, welcome to my blog.  I hope to add other give aways in the near future.