Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm a skirt kind of girl

Picture on left: Ally MacGraw in Love Story

Today it was in the 20's, very cold with no wind.  Most mornings when I wake up, I chose to wear a skirt.  Today was no exception.  In the winter, I love wearing a skirt with a bulky sweater and thick opaque tights with boots.  Depending upon the wind factor and the amount of errands that I have to run, I choose my coat length accordingly.  

A friends husband asked his wife to wear more skirts.  She said she didn't feel comfortable wearing skirts.  It is all about the comfort and what makes you feel good.   I could be all dressed up and be cleaning my home or blogging on the computer.  
What type of clothes makes you feel comfortable? 

 What kind of girl are you?


  1. Right now I am a sweatpants and sweatshirt kind of person. I rarely leave the house and do not like wasting money buying new clothing for myself. Long ago I used to love wearing skirts but fell out of the habit. I wear jeans when I leave the house but have never thought them to be the most comfortable clothing.

  2. I love two-piece pants sets. Jogging suits, slacks sets, sweater sets with soft pants. I also prefer natural fabrics, especially cotton and silk. In the summer, I like to wear gauzy cotton skirts to my ankles with tank tops or tees. I get too cold in the winter for skirts so I rarely wear them in the chilly months. Even with tights and boots, I freeze but I love the look :) Winter I wear all different color jeans with soft sweaters and boots. Of course, there are my "lounge" days...I LOVE lounge wear (pajamas you can wear out). I also love mumus by the pool in the summer...Great topic, I will link to this over at Venusity.

  3. I've gotta go with Linda on this one. I'm a sweats or pajama bottoms kind of girl, jeans if I go out. Although in the summer I'm much more likely to wear a long, flowy skirt and flip flops, instead of shorts and sneakers. It's all about comfort and freedom of movement. Once in a blue moon, though, it is fun to get all dolled up in a short skirt and some knee-high boots!

  4. Congratulatons on being featured at this week's Blog Carnival at Venusity!