Monday, January 11, 2010

Technology at its' best

This weekend my sister went out to california to visit our youngest sister.  While she was there, She was able to set up a webcam on their home computer.  We were able to talk to each other using Skype.

This is definitely technology at its' best.  Who would have thought that not only could we see each other and talk to each other, but there would be no additional cost.  If you have not yet used Skype, you're missing out, especially if you have family that you do not see on a regular basis.   The best thing about skype, is that the program lets the people on your call list know that you are on line and available, even if you're busy checking emails.

Today, my son in Montreal skyped me to let me know that he had fun on his ski trip to Mont Tremblant.  I was able to see his face and know that he didn't get frost bite, (a mother's fear for her son's beautiful face) while snowboarding during the bitter cold weekend.

Even if you do not have a webcam, you can sign up for skype and talk to your friends and family at no cost through the microphone in your computer.  Skype has the ability to do conference calls without the video portion.  Here is the website link:

Feel free to share your favorite technology?

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  1. I doubt I will use it much but want to try it and see if I can show my technology challenged father in law how it works. He has relatives in Denmark and calling them is too costly.