Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's all about Attitude with a Capital A.

Two days in a row, my sister and I shopped at various stores.  Two days in a row, we saw employees, visibly hating their jobs. I can't imagine the wear and tear that such unhappiness would have on your body and mind. One employee was disturbed that I interrupted her stare into space to ask about a price check.  Clearly, she couldn't help me as she was too busy focusing on air.   I won't dwell on the negative, instead, I'll share what I saw and experienced at lunch.

CheesecakesMy sisters and I met at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.    As one of my sisters and I were walking in from the Mall side of the restaurant, we saw my oldest sister at the hostess station waving us in.  When we approached her, the hostess said, "Lunch for three sisters, follow me" with a huge smile.   She brought us to the table and proceeded to tell all of the waitstaff that we were "three sisters" having lunch, as if, "three sisters lunching" was a novel idea.  Her cheery approach made me comment to one of my sisters, "Did you hear what she said to the staff?  Three sisters having lunch." I said with a giggle.

Our waitress was adorable. She was patient and kind as we were engrossed in each others conversation, instead of the menu.  After our bill was paid, we continued to talk as if we were in one of our own homes. I often say that my sisters and I don't have to go anywhere special to bond, we just love to be together, any where, to talk.  Note: For those foodie lovers, we shared the mini artichoke hearts and the Thai lettuce Wrap.  Unfortunately, I never get to order the cheesecake as I am always too full from the lunch.

The waitress came over to fill our water glass.  I looked up and apologized for staying longer than we should have and told her that we would leave in just a minute.  She said that it was ok that we stayed, and I commented that she was losing out on a potential customer and tip.  She looked at  me with a smile and said, "That is the cutest thing I've heard.  No one has ever said that to me or cared. You can stay as long as you want."  With that sweet little comment, we were able to wrap-up our conversation.  My oldest sister gave our  deserving waitress an additional New Year's bonus for kindness.

It is the smallest gesture of kindness and a wonderful attitude that will get you far in life.

Share with me your snippet of people with a great attitude that has made your day.


  1. When I take Zena with me to Tim Horton's; she evokes a smile from the employees serving at the drive thru window. Zena knows if she gets a smile, a timbit donut is sure to follow. :)

  2. My youngest has a great attitude but is also the most thoughtful person I know. Today was her day off from work. We talked on the phone in the morning and I mentioned that her dad was tired of eating take out but I was out of ideas for simple meals to prepare. She came to my house took a check and went food shopping for me. She prepared a weeks worth of menu's and stocked the house with everything I needed to prepare some quick meals. It made my day.

  3. The comment about the "three sisters" having lunch was cute enough, but the response of the waitress is classic. You didn't mention, but I hope she got a "good" tip.

  4. You are so kind d d. You and your sisters sound very close and that is great to hear. Sally g.