Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

1/3/09,  It snowed all day today and I had the opportunity to enjoy the lazy day and take a wonderful nap.  When it snows, I often hear the crack of a tree branch in the woods as the snow weighs heavily on its arm.

I heard three amazing things today that I wanted to share with you.  The first was in church, during the youth mass.  The youth choir and band surrounded the mass with songs.  It was when the two young soloists sang, that I actually shifted my seat to take a look at the girls singing their solo parts, with angel like voices.  I fully appreciated their vocal range and talents in singing.  When you hear something so beautiful, it warms your heart to the point that you stop the world around you to take in the beauty of the sound.

The second was during the homily when the priest said, "To show up and be there is not the only thing in life, you need to engage.  Do something to help, to take part."  I heard this loud and clear.  Each day, I need to do one thing to help someone else.  I know that I do this on a daily basis with my family, but will make it a point to reach out to someone else, each day.

Finally, we decided to have dinner at a local diner, "Julie's Place."  When we entered the establishment, the waitress greeted me, with such warmth, brightness and happiness.  She said "Welcome back, it's been a while since you've been here.  I've missed seeing you. Did you get a new coat for Christmas?"  My husband made a joking comment about "She doesn't need christmas to get new coats."  I was taken back by all of this, not by the words that she had said, but by the fact that I looked at her face and didn't recognize her. ( A topic that I am sure will be shared in a future post about aging and memory.) When I was finally able to absorb the words that she said; I realized the importance of being kind to people as they will remember it and will return the kindness back in the future.   Her words and actions throughout the night made for a very sweet and memorable dinner.

Feel free to comment on something that you heard that you would like to remember.
Tommorow's goal is to find the beauty in Touch.


  1. There is nothing I like better than the sound of my daughters giggling. Little girl giggles are the best!

  2. I love the sound of giggles and baby coo'ing.

  3. You always help in many ways with your nice article and posts.

  4. How interesting that your blog is about words we hear. Christmas Day my father in law made a comment to me which I first believed was a sort of joke. My husband and I were talking tonight and I realize what I thought was a joke has a deeper meaning. During the first ten years of my marriage I became close to my father in law. My in laws live 45 min from us and after he retired he would drive down to spend time with me and see the kids. Sometimes I would drive up for lunch. Ten years ago depression took over and the visits no longer took place. Christmas Day my father in law commented that I used to love him and want to spend time with him but now I never even call. He said it with laughter and I believed he was joking but now feel he may have been hinting that he is rather lonely. I think he feels that his time with us is becoming short and he is missing the connection he had with me. I am going to make an effort to call him more often and make the trip up to visit. I heard his words but had not really listened to them until I remembered him also commenting that his son rarely calls him too.

  5. d d - thank you for this comment space - I just read your entry about the kind waitress at the restaurant. I have always appreciated the kindness of strangers - after travelling so much, it is so nice to have someone say a kind word - I have always tried to be a kind person and be helpful to anyone who looks alone. I prefer good service and a kind waiter in a restaurant as much as I prefer the food - if a waiter is snobbish, they won't get a tip from me or not much of one and they will get a written complaint - however, the nice ones also get kudos and compliments to the restaurant manager...anyway, liked that one & will periodically check back - your blog is a fabulous idea and will remind others of the immediate world around them! Happy New Year 2010. Salud