Monday, January 4, 2010

A bit of butter, salt and love sprinkled in.

Although, this is dated 1/4/10, the experience happened on 1/2/10.  I wanted to focus on Taste, to find something that I thought would be memorable.  Too often we go through life, flying from day to day without stopping to experience life's gifts.

I had sent an email to all of my friends and family with a free 4.00 credit to video on demand. I suggested that they watch the movie, Julia and Julia.  If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest that you do.  It is light, funny, enjoyable and a feel good movie.  Be prepared to be hungry in the end.

My sister decided to have a potluck game night at her house.  She told me that she was making Beef Bourguignon.  I suggested that she watch the movie, Julia and Julia.  She should then make the Julia Child's version, as the movie made the recipe "to die for."  My older sister decided to make "Coq au Vin" to round out the french culinary meal.

Both sister's labored through Julia's recipe.  My sister that made the Beef Bourguignon shared these words with her guests, "Enjoy this dinner as I will never be making this again.  It had too many steps and was not easy to make."   The Beef bourguignon was tender, tasty and most importantly, made with love.
The Coq au Vin, was just as delicious and again, made with labor of love.  So, is it the taste or the love put behind a dish that is important in life?  I tasted the love that my sisters poured into their dishes that made it ever more so memorable.  It is something that I will remember forever in life.

Feel free to share something a memorable tasting moment.
Tomorrow's journey, will focus on Hearing.

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