Friday, January 8, 2010

Savor the Flavor.

Do you have a food item that you don't eat that often, but when you do, you savor the flavor?   My cousin makes a seven treasure steamed dessert that evokes this feeling.  When she brings it to family parties, everyone comments how much they love the dessert.

When I go to the mall, I stop in at the Godiva Store.  They have a wonderful program that allows you to sample their chocolate selection.  In fact, if you join their free club, you can have a free sample once a month.  The other day I went in and picked a praline truffle to sample.  I forgot that I had it and today, while I was doing errands, I saw the tiny Godiva bag in my purse.  The praline truffle (dark chocolate truffle rolled in chopped nuts) tasted heavenly.  

I've included the link to sign up for the club.  Hopefully, you have a Godiva Store that crosses your path, every once in a while.  Godive Store Club  Treat yourself.  You deserve it!

Let me know your special treat that you savor.


  1. godiva chocolate rocks!!

  2. I like there chocolate but we don't have a place like that around here. Wish we did. Thank you d d. for the link. Sally g.