Saturday, January 9, 2010

Reach out and touch, somebody's hand

Traditions create the most amazing life experience.  My son is in the process of getting his confirmation. Today, his class was responsible for greeting the patrons, collecting the offerings, bringing up the offerings and passing out the bulletin.  The confirmation teacher/leader and two mother's, myself and my friend were proud at how mature the teens behaved. 

In our family, we hold hands with each other during mass, while praying the Our Father.  Tonight, five teenage boys and two girls held hands during the prayer.  The teacher was surprised by this gesture.  She thought it was endearing.  I asked her if she does it normally with her family and she said, "no."   I told her that last week my son did this with two of his friends during mass.  In a world where it is not cool for teenage boys to hold their friends hands, it is an accepted gesture of bonding while praying.

Last week, I asked him why they dropped holding hands so quickly.  He replied that his friends' hand was sweaty.  Ok, so the gesture was there and the teen boy tolerance level kicked in also.

"Reach out and touch, somebody's hand, make this world a better place, if you can...." Diana Ross


  1. It is so nice to hear that kids are praying. Sally g.

  2. When I went to Arizona to visit my brother in law he asked me if I would attend mass with him. I have drifted away from the church but since I was there to help him recover from an accident I felt I should attend mass with him. Throughout the mass the congregation all held hands during some of the prayers. It was a wonderful bonding experience and left me wishing more churches followed that ritual.

  3. d.d.,This is so Wonderful,Beautiful & Inspiring that this gives us Hope for the Future in Today's world. Holding Hands during Prayer gives One Strenght to Face another week!
    May God Bless You & Your Family!! Love,Candice

  4. what a lovely story.

  5. BRAVO! There should be more hand holding in our day to day world.