Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crab Fest Gathering

While out in San Francisco, my sister had Dungeness Crabs for dinner.  It was so good that she mentioned it in an e-mail to us and there spawned a saturday night crab fest.  

The crabs were purchased in Boston and steamed at my sister's home.  Our friend, May sauteed a few of the crabs with ginger and scallions.  The sauteed crab had a delicious aroma and taste.   The rest of the family chipped in and brought different dishes to compliment the crab fest.  I made egg rolls and a rice with spinach and chopped chinese sausage.  

For our family, it only takes an inkling to get us to drop everything and gather.  I love how everyone chips in and brings a dish.  On a night like today, there were many other savory foods for those that didn't want to eat crabs.  I realized that eating crabs is a very social experience as you have to have patients in getting all of the meat out of the body and legs.  There is room for talking as you are dismembering the crab.  My sister was deliriously happy with the crabs.  The meat was very sweet and tender.  May's husband said that when his wife heard that we were eating crabs, she said "I'm there."

Do you have a meal that you gather for, I would love to hear about your food fest.

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  1. We used to have Family Day here on Sundays. Anyone who wanted to show up did. If we didn't throw burgers & dogs on the grill; I would cook chicken breasts & make garlic hash browns. It seemed to be what everyone liked & could agree on. ~ Michelle :)