Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Painting is therapeutic.

For anyone that paints, I find it very therapeutic to envision a piece and sketch it out.  Lay out my paints and then begin layering the colors on.  While painting, you have to stop and allow the paint to dry before painting on the next layer of colors.  This gives you time to reflect on your piece and plan a process of steps for each phase.  Today I finished a piece that I had started in the fall of 2009.  It only needed minor adjustments to the border, but it took me a long time to feel that I could finish it.  It is one of my many paintings involving lily pads.  Lily pads have a very zen look to them.  I like the shape, the color, the ability for it to float endlessly on top of the water.  I love Lily pad that bloom beautiful flowers.    

Here is my final piece entitled Lily Pads.  I hope you like it.

Is there something that you look at that makes you feel zen?


  1. Zen? If that means calm and satisfied, then your Lily Pad painting. Looks like one could reach in the water and pick up a dripping leaf. Really beautiful.

  2. That is very pretty d d. I like to paint. I did my first painting a couple days ago and posted it on gather.

  3. Bodies of water always bring me a feeling of zen. I love that your lily pads are true to life with imperfections. It makes the painting so real.

  4. Just beautiful! Realistic and soothing!