Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's a Small World After All

My husband and I decided to have dinner at a local restaurant.  He wanted to sit in the bar to catch some of the March Madness games.  The bartender and the waitstaff was very kind and attentive to us, to the point that my husband said, "You can take their (the couple sitting next to us) order, they were here before us."

At one point, I decided to comment to the bartender that the bar was always so busy in this particular restaurant.  The bartender then said, I haven't seen you and your sister for a long time.  I thought in my head, "Ok, he has me confused with someone else." So I just smiled.  He then said that he knew me back in the 70's when my parents use to bring us to this other restaurant in a different town. He was a waiter back then.  My husband then jumped in and asked "How many sisters does she have?" and he said the correct answer.  So, here it is thirty years later and he recognizes me.  Amazing!  I unfortunately, did not recall him or his name.  It just goes to show you that it is a small world after all.

Do you have amazing connect stories like this one?

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  1. wow, that is amazing. i can't believe someone remembered you after 30 years. that is some great memory. unfortunately, i don't have any great stories like this. thanks for sharing yours, though!