Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Painting "Lavender Farm in Tuscany" is featured in Redgage.com

Wahoo! I was honored today by having Redgage.com feature my painting "Lavender Farm in Tuscany" on their "Featured Section."  With it, brought a flurry of views to my painting and comments from some very kind followers.  One of the comments that I received said, "I can almost smell it."  Truly that is one of the best compliments that I have received, as words made my painting come alive.    

The lavender plants are abundant in Tuscany.  They are full, round and fragrant full.  Tiny yellow bees hover over the plant; transporting honey from plant to hive.  This painting makes me feel at home.  I know that there is a farm like this in my future.  

What do you think about owning a lavender farm in Tuscany?  

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  1. That painting is beautiful. Congrats to you d d.