Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm on a roll

In the perfect world, I should probably live in a field of flowers.  I love how flowers make me happy and smile.  Today, I was inspired to paint some Japanese Anemones.  I chose to do it in watercolors.  

Living in New England, we won't see an abundance of flowers in our yards until May.  There will be a splattering of colors here and there, but often those will fade away before the real sun decides to visit.  I did see one lonely crocus in my front garden bed the other day.  I think the rain that fell the last three days must have drowned it away.  

When I visited California in February, there were flowers blooming everywhere and pollen on the cars.  My sister's neighbor had a lemon tree that had tiny buds in September and full lemons in February.  The lemons from her neighbor's tree had this unbelievable sharp lemon smell that oozed through the skin.  Nothing like the premature picked lemons that we find in the grocery store in New England.  

I was able to get to the farmer's Market on Saturday while visiting my sister and found rows and rows of fresh cut flowers.  How lucky to be able to grow them so early in the season.  

Do you grow your own flowers?  If so, what do you have in your garden.

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  1. You surely are on a roll my dear. The anemones are so beautiful. I love the colors and the way you've matted the picture. So lifelike i feel I could pick a bouquet. But I won't. Your work is passed lovely. You are very talented in so many ways.
    I know why you are at your peak in so much. You surround yourself with beauty even as you create your own.