Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A Box of Four Leaf Clovers for you.

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Sunday at a gathering at my sisters' home.  She made a delicious corn beef and cabbage dinner.  I decided to make a green almond gelatin that tasted better than it looked.

Today,  I was thinking about the four leaf clover and how we use to think it was lucky if you found one.  I wonder if anyone has actually found one.  We spent many a summer day, looking in the grass for four leaf clovers.  Who knew that clovers were weeds and not appreciated by grass aficionados.  We have an acre of "blue grass grown by hydro seeds and I'll tell you, if there is a patch of clovers in the beginning of spring on our lawn, there won't be any by the next month.

Here's wishing that you have a life of finding four leaf clovers, where ever you look.    Please let me know how you are doing on this St. Patrick's day.

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